Play Based
Therapy Services

PLAY Psychology, led by registered psychologists, specializes in Early Intervention and Play Based Therapies for Children with Autism and Developmental Delays.

Our services include challenging behavior management, communication systems, and assessments. We provide Classroom Visits, Teacher Support, and Workshops. Supporting schools with ILP/SSG/PSG Meetings, we also offer unique Greek and LOTE instruction for children with Autism.

Each of our services are provided by a registered Psychologist.

PLAY Psychology specialises in the following services:

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  • Early Intervention and Play Based Therapies for Children
  • Autism & Developmental Delays
  • ABA Therapy
  • ABA Therapist Supervision & Team Management.
  • Managing Challenging Behaviours
  • Picture Exchange Communication Systems
  • Reducing Self-Stimulatory Behaviours
  • Assessments (WISC-IV, WPPSI, Vineland, PEP-3)
  • Classroom Visits & Support for Teachers & Integration Aides
  • Workshops and Training for Parents, Therapists and Schools.
  • Support with Schools (ILP/SSG/PSG Meetings & Goal Setting).
  • Greek Language for children with Autism
  • LOTE for children with Autism

Learning Programs

  • Requesting and commenting skills
  • Attending Skills
  • Toilet training
  • Responding to Daily instructions
  • Developing Play Skills
  • PECS
  • Fine Motor Strength
  • Gross Motor Strength
  • Reducing Challenging behaviours
  • Imitation Skills
  • Learning colours, shapes, environmental labels
  • Learning letters, numbers, verbs and concepts
  • Communication Skills
  • Developing turn taking and social skills.
  • Reducing Inflexibility and need for sameness
  • Improving echolalic speech
  • Reducing self-stimulatory behaviours

Each of our services are provided by a Play Psychologist or Play Program Supervisor(Behavioural Consultant)

These programs individualised to suit the individual learning needs of your child.

  • Communication Skills: requesting, commenting,
    giving directions, answering social questions, conversation skills
  • Reducing challenging Behaviours
  • Socialisation and Play Skills
  • Responding and following instructions
  • Attention and time on task, learning to learn skills.
  • Self Care Skills- Toileting, dressing, brushing teeth, bathing, etc.
  • Fine Motor Skills: colouring, cutting, drawing, handwriting, strength building.
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Learning How to Learn Skills
  • School Readiness skill teaching
  • Responding to daily instructions
  • Anxiety Reduction
  • Reducing Self Stimulatory Behaviours
  • Abstract Concepts (e.g. colours, shapes, letters, numbers)
  • Reducing inflexibility and need for sameness
  • Eating and Feeding Difficulties
  • Improving Echolalic Speech
  • Advanced Imitation Skills
  • Sensory integration
  • PECS
  • Restricted diets and eating problems

Primary School Intervention Programs

Play Psychology also offers a full range of Primary School level Intervention Programs for children/adolecents who require assistance with school curriculum, homework, and socialisation.

  • Literacy Skills
  • Reading & Comprehension Skills
  • Mathematics Skills
  • Writing and Drawing Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Advanced PECS
  • Self Help Skills
  • Community Awareness and Life Skills
  • Understanding Society
  • Manners & Social Etiquette