Early Intervention & Play Based Therapies for Children with Autism and any Developmental Delays (1-16 years) is our specialisation.

Play based
Therapy services

Play Psychology specialises in Early Intervention and Play Based Therapies for Children with Autism and Developmental Delays, led by registered psychologists. We are able to support challenging behaviors and specialise in implementing Picture Exchange Communication Systems, and reducing self-stimulatory behaviors. Our psychologists conduct assessments using tools like WISC-IV, WPPSI, Vineland, and PEP-3. Additionally, we offer Classroom Visits, Support for Teachers & Integration Aides, and conduct Workshops for Parents, Therapists, and Schools. We extend support to schools through ILP/SSG/PSG Meetings & Goal Setting. Unique offerings include Greek Language and LOTE instruction for children with Autism.

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Award Winning Services

We are very excited to announce that we have been awarded the 3AW and Momentum Energy Small Business Success Award. Click to listen the 3AW interview with Vicky Saltis (Psychologist) about PLAY Psychology and Early Intervention and Play Based Therapy for children for children with Autism.